Introduction of GLOBAL 2024

1-1 What is “GLOBAL” ?

This international conference was first held in Seattle in 1993 as a conference to discuss about nuclear power from a global perspective, such as reprocessing technology including partitioning and transmutation, plutonium disposal from nuclear weapons. It has been held 15 times almost every two years by rotation of nuclear societies among US, France and Japan. The number of participants has been roughly 400-600.

Year and Venue of GLOBAL

Past participants from oversea @ GLOBAL 2011(JAPAN):

1-2 Slogan for GLOBAL2024

"Realizing a Sustainable World with Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems and Fuel Cycles“

It has been being needed a transformation of energy system due to noticeable impact on global environment since Industrial revolution. In this transformation, nuclear power is being expected to be a stable energy which generates low CO2. This slogan intends to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world through innovative nuclear energy systems that enable more efficient resource use and waste reduction.